Platinum Members

A Platinum member is an active or alumna member who has reached 80 years of age or older and who has given at least thirty years of service. Platinum status is the highest honor accorded a member on recommendation of a Chapter and approval by the National Executive Council.


Rosemary AndersonRosemary Anderson joined the chain of friendship of The Links, Portland Chapter, in 1981. Rosemary held many leadership positions for more than 30 years. She served as President, Treasurer and Chair of many committees, primarily Services to Youth. Rosemary Anderson High School gave our Services to Youth Committee members’ volunteer hours and mentorship opportunities. The committee’s School Supply Project has been successful for many years. Rosemary also served as the Western Area of The Links, Archivist.


Addie Jean HaynesAddie Jean Haynes joined the chain of friendship of The Links, Portland Chapter, in 1978. Jean held many leadership positions. She was President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Chair of many committees. In fact, Jean served in so many positions, so many times, if it was not for our constitution and bylaws, we would have made her a “permanent officer”. The entire chapter greatly benefitted from Jean’s range of knowledge and skills in whatever leadership position she held.


Geneva JonesGeneva Jones joined the chain of friendship of The Links, Portland Chapter, in 1976. Having both Alumnae and Platinum membership status, she remains active, attending meetings and activities. She held many leadership positions; President, Vice-President and International Trends & Services, Services to Youth Committee, and Cotillion Chair. She reigned as top ticket seller of The Ebony Fashion Fair” for over 30 years. Geneva was known as Links premiere Hostess for “Art Teas” and “EFF after Parties”.


Freddye ProphetFreddye Prophet joined the chain of friendship of The Links in 1975. A forty year member, Freddye became a member of the Portland Chapter in 1982. Freddye held many leadership positions: President, Vice-President, and Chair of many committees, including International Trends & Services of which she became the National Chair. Her expertise in this program area was noteworthy. Her knowledge of parliamentary procedures was highly valued and relied upon by chapter members.