Serena Ashley

It is with great excitement that I write this letter as the President of The Portland, OR Chapter of The Links, Incorporated. We have exited a season of many accomplishments. Accolades to the immediate past Chapter President, Linda J. Harris for her leadership over the past four years. She was gracious to lend herself as a candidate for President a second term to allow me time to complete the Links, Incorporated’s Scott Hawkins Leadership Institute appointment. That experience was invaluable and helped me connect with many sisters around the country wherein we can be leadership resources for one another.

The Links, Incorporated is unique compared to other volunteer organizations. Our focus is not just on service to our community through our guiding principles and initiated programs, but through our bond of friendship. As we learn more about our beloved organization, we gain a better appreciation for one another through deeper friendships. There is a great sense of accomplishment in serving our community along side a trusted friend.

As we show our connection to one another, The Links, Incorporated brand will be strengthened. Our chapter’s website will be our tool for showing our community partners, and patrons how we benefit Portland and surrounding areas. Also, our members are walking billboards. We talk about what we do and why we exist in order to get others interested. There are many opportunities to support our endeavors, partner in our programs, and contribute to the future of those who are underserved.

Welcome to the 2016-2017 program year. I look forward to more ground breaking work.


Serena Ashley